A Living Hell Or the Future of Living?

In a country with very dense population, how do you build, feed an add quality of life? Up, down, out Or?

Agro Concept

…a combination of housing and urban agriculture. There’s an apartment tower in which people live. Then there’s a multi-story greenhouse that sits in the middle of the building, where fruits, vegetables, spices, and flowers will grow. A rooftop green space caps off the structure, and passive and active solar energy, along with gray water irrigation and rain water harvesting, helps keep the building also somewhat sustainable in form as well as function…

Growing food internally

Agro Greenhouse

A fully contained hub

Agro Greenhouse

Anyone for roof top veg?

Agro Roof Garden

An interesting concept but not one I fancy personally. In fact it’s my idea of a living hell, too little space.

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