Chelsea 2006 round 1 Diarmuid Gavin V Andy Sturgeon

It’s that pavilion again! LOL we ha to laugh when old D.G. had a pop at A.S. “Ya’ve nicked mi dezin ya feck.”

Here’s the blighter.

chelsea 2006 cancer research

It’s all over the entertainment world old Andy wasn’t available for comment, ekkk a bad mistake, makes you look guilty matey. Shame about the boring and very straight 2 metre fence in the back ground killing the impact of the curves, but hey that’s show gardens for you.

Looks like they both need some inspiration how about “Outdoor Rooms Designed by Architects” by Susan Zevon.

Outside architecture

Back to a more positive note the Sarah Eberle’s garden “Walking Barefoot with Bradstone” was a great garden and we wonder whether Bradstone have made a conscious decision to go “upmarket” rather than directly compete with …

Walking Barefoot with Bradstone

They say

“The garden is contemporary and organic and investigates the textures of hard landscape materials and planting. It’s inspired by the natural world as well as the work of architects Antonio Gaudi and César Manrique.”