Blogs why do we read them?

We don’t read many blogs outside of the garden design/landscaping sphere…

Today I was looking at the blogs that are not in those spheres and I asked a question, well no, I asked a few questions.

Why is it that we are only reading blogs?
Are websites that boring?
What is it that makes us read these blogs?
Why are we only reading blogs? We used to think blogs were… naff

Mike Sansone’s converstations

Mike’s a freelance business writer, specializing in conversational copywriting and business blog sites. His posting rate verges on manic and is always useful & entertaining.

Stuart Bruce

Stuart is a self confessed PR guru. Like Mike, Stuart’s posts are always interesting, entertaining and he’s not afraid to have a pop, his posting rate is also manic.

The conclusion we came to is that blogs have taken over from websites; websites have become more a reference point. Have we missed a trick, shouldn’t our blog be integrated into our website, perhaps with Technorati style tags and interlinked?

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